Tree Mural Defaced After Banksy Confirmed That the Street Art is His Work

Two days after Banksy confirmed that the new Tree Mural at Finsbury Park was his, vandals defaced the wall art by splashing white paint, which partially marred the green paint. The mural is of a stencilled image of a woman spraying green paint across the white building wall located directly behind a real tree. However, the tree has yet to spring back to full life by coming out with new leaves.

Finsbury Park Locals Take Pride that Banksy Chose Their Neighbourhood

finsbury park londonIf one takes a few steps back when viewing the mural, the green paint sprayed on the wall projects an artificial image of tree leaves forming a foliage. Apparently, at this time of the year, the tree in front of the mural should have already started coming out with leaves in branch stems and twigs.
Banksy somehow explained this concept by posting   on Instagram, a “Before” and an “After” image of the seemingly lifeless tree standing in front of the white wall backdrop.

Crowds of people living in the neighbourhood are taking pride that Banksy has chosen Finsbury Park as the site for his new mural. As a matter of fact, someone noticed that the green paint used by the famous street artist is similar to the green hue being useanksy murald in the signs posted by the Islington Council in the local area.
In light of the incident and even if the Tree Mural wall is already secured by a fence, the local council will install closed-circuit television (CCTV) to ward off vandals who still intend to do further damage to the Tree Mural.

bActually, such incidents involving Banksy works have become ongoing security concerns. Several Banksy murals in different boroughs have been defaced by vandals before, which made CCTVs essential as a countermeasure. The monitors have been effective in enabling authorities to make related arrests.