Alla Lontana il Nuovo

Italian band Med’Uza released its first single “Alla Lontana” in 2014. Featuring DJ Lugi, one of the biggest names in the Italian rap scene, the song marries soul, funk, jazz and hiphop.

The Italian band’s single was released off their first album, Med’Uza One, under the Brutture Moderne label. Released in vinyl, “Alla Lontana” was on side A and “Questa è facile” was on side B.

The Bologna-based band started in 2011 when drummer Gaetano “Kaimano” Alfonsi and bass player Michele Manzo met. They were studying “floating beats” and involved pianist/keyboardist Nico Menci later on. Together, they have been making out-of-this-world music.

Ethiopian-Italian DJ Lugi started in 2000 and is known for melodic and delicate funk in his music. His beats are accompanied with well-balanced instrumentals and just the right amount of elements. His rap style uses Calabrese dialect, made more interesting by his Ethiopian accent. His African roots have a clear influence on him as he stylizes himself as “an African in Italy.” He is also known as BoogieLou, Lugisoul, Louis, or Luvigiu.

“Alla Lontana” is a refreshing tune. One can’t help but bop to the funky beats of the song. It is reminiscent of jazz hiphop of the 80s and early 90s. In fact, its music video transports you back to the 90s. It is definitely a change of pace from the ubiquitous mumble rap and its contemporaries. For those looking for new music, “Alla Lontana” is definitely worth listening to.  It’s available via popular music and video streaming sites. Go check it out!