Onda Sangue Enrico

Onda di Sangue is a fantasy novel by Enrico Santodirocco and Martina Carminetti. It was published by il Ciliegio and released in June 2014.

The authors are from Lanciano, a small town in Abruzzo. Santodirocco studied law while Carminetti studied classical literature. The two met because of their shared passion for literature, mythology, comics and cinema. Onda di Sangue is their first work.

The story takes place in Mars where prestige and power is reserved only for the strong and brave. Only the best warriors will be able to rule and be seated on one of the five thrones. It is decided at the Cage of Kings–a fortress-arena located at the center of Mars. The powers of each victor are bound by the bond of reciprocity, so that when one attempts to attack another they also endanger themselves.

It is in this world, ruthless and bloody, lying in an ancient time full of magic, that the vicissitudes of the brothers Alexander and Olbios take place: without the support and guidance of their parents, the two will have to try to survive the adversities that will be made meeting them, relying solely on their own strengths. Joined by the same destiny is Dorea, the young scarlet warrior, orphaned by the mysterious past, who pursues revenge and is willing to sacrifice the most precious things she has on her altar.

Who shall emerge victorious? What will be the fate of the two brothers and the mysterious orphan? Grab a copy of Onda di Sangue now!