Il Cavaliere Oscuro Il Ritorno

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and last installment to the Dark Knight Trilogy, after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Released in July 2012, the film is directed by Christopher Nolan, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jonathan Nolan and the story with David S. Goyer.

The film is set eight years after Batman disappeared on the night of D.A. Harvey Dent‘s death, with the help of Commissioner Jim Gordon. The people of Gotham are celebrating the eighth year of peace in the city. Criminals have been kept at bay thanks to the anti-crime Dent Act.

Meanwhile in Uzbekistan, the mysterious terrorist Bane manages to abduct physicist Dr. Leonid Pavel and stages the scientist’s death by crashing the plane he was riding into the mountains. He plans to weaponize the fusion reactor in Gotham into a nuclear bomb and hold the city into a state of anarchy.

Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, has been locked up in his mansion for the last three years, after a failed energy venture on fusion power. His company is in shambles and he has become a recluse. Young detective John Blake and Gordon persuade Wayne to returnĀ  as Batman. Alfred tried to dissuade him but failed which led him to resign and leave the Wayne household.

After being defeated by Bane and thrown into the Pit, Batman prepares and retrains to escape the ancient prison. With the help of Selina Kyle, Lucius Foy and John Blake, Batman faces off with Bane and his allies.

…ambitious, thoughtful, potent…

-Rotten Tomatoes