Ukrainian Pavilion in Venice Biennale, in the Throes of Russia’s War Against Civilization

The Ukranian Pavilion will hold an exhibit in the coming Venice Biennale this April, a plan officials of the most prestigious exhibition hope will push through. The Ukrainian team is set to present a contemporary version of Pablo Makov’s 1995 “The Fountain of Exhaustion” with water coming out of 78 bronze funnels.However, Ukrainian artist Pavlo Makov, reported that they had to stop the preparations they started in February.

As it is, Ukrainian cities have been bombed and destroyed, while all able bodied Ukranian citizen are doing what they can to help in the fight against Putin’s invasion, Russia’s continuing annihilation of Ukraine include not only the destruction of major cities but also of residential areas, which resulted in the death of many civilians. As all flights to and from Ukraine have been grounded, Makov and his team of curators cannot fly to Italy to continue working on the pavilion.
The Venice Biennial officials said they will try to make arrangements to transport the installation and Makov’s team to Vienna. Yet it’s apparently no longer possible as Russia’s devastating assault on Uktaine and its citizens has already escalated, forcing millions of Ukrainians to evacuate in neighboring countries.

Makov Has No Plan of Leaving Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine today is that everyone, even ballet dancers have voluntarily taken up arms, or joined volunteer groups where they could take part in their country’s fight for freedom.

In an interview with Art Net last Febriary 24, the 63-year old visual artist said he has no plans of running and leaving Kharkiv, the second largest city that in the recent days had received heavy shelling and bombing from the advancing Russian forces.

He said that while many in Europe initially thought that what’s happening in Ukraine is a small conflict, it is now apparent that it’s a war against civilization. A war that began in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea. He added that the Russians will not stop but neither will Ukranians.