Body Building Can Be a Method of Art

Almost all cells in the body respond to anabolic steroids. They have receptors to which anabolic steroids can attach, and subsequently Bodybuilder, Sixpack, Six-Pack, Muscles, Abs, Fitnessinfluence the functioning of the cell. Anabolic steroids have a different effect on every cell type. For that reason, the list of side effects of anabolic steroids has been so long, and doctors have become increasingly cautious and reluctant to prescribe anabolic steroids, you can check review a glimpse of it in the last decades. Below is a summary of the different effects of steroids on the human body.

Muscle Mass
The muscles have receptors to which anabolics can attach themselves. When this happens, a whole chain of reactions is started, resulting in the production of more proteins in the muscle. This explains the muscle-building effect of anabolics. After all, muscles are the art in our body and consist of large proteins. They grow, get fatter and stronger. The extent to which anabolics promote muscle growth depends not only on the number of anabolics used but also on the number of receptors in the muscles. When all receptors in the muscles are occupied with steroids, which happens earlier than people think, the use of more steroids does not lead to even more muscle mass: full is full. It is also not possible to put five keys (steroids) in one slot (receptor) at the same time. The “the more, the better” principle does not apply to steroids. Anabolics that cannot find a free receptor on the muscle cannot promote muscle growth.

There is another way in which steroids promote muscle growth. In addition to stimulating the muscle to grow, they can also combat muscle-degrading (catabolic) processes. If someone has trained heavily or is stressed, that person produces more cortisol, the hormone that has a muscle-degrading effect. Cortisol attaches itself to a different kind of receptor on the muscle and starts a muscle-degrading process. Because steroids can occupy these receptors, they can prevent muscle breakdown.

The increase in weight due to steroid use consists of an increase in lean body mass, but also an increase in the amount of fluid that the body retains. This moisture component becomes more important as the user uses anabolic steroids more and longer. That extra fluid disappears after the end of the course, just like a part of gained muscle mass. A rule of thumb in the doping environment is that thirty percent of the gained muscle mass disappears after the end of use. There are no scientific studies that can tell whether that rule of thumb is correct. The fact is that ‘inflating and deflating’ is a well-known phenomenon in the gym circuit.

Muscle Strength
Research shows that experienced athletes who train well increase their strength when they combine their training with the use of steroids. An important precondition is that the diet must be in order. Just as with body weight, it also applies that after one has stopped using, the increased strength partially decreases.

Fat Mass
Anabolics may have a direct mild effect on fat mass. There are indications that fat cells cannot grow as well as they are exposed to higher concentrations of androgenic anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids cause the sebaceous glands in the skin to work harder, making the skin fatter. Therefore, sebaceous glands become a good breeding ground for bacteria that cause acne. This acne will mainly be present in the places where most of the sebaceous glands are located, such as the face, neck, chest, upper back, and upper arms. Sometimes the acne becomes so extreme that doctors must prescribe drugs such as sebaceous inhibitors or antibiotics.